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Electric Dreams

I remember the first time I watched Bladerunner, with Harrison Ford. I was enraptured by the dystopian world and the integration of technology with the human. This was a movie that I watched over and over again. Rutger Hauer’s death scene as the replicant Roy Batty is still one of the most moving I have ever seen. Somehow I discovered that the movie was loosely based on Philip K. Dick's novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? I went to the library and checked out as many of his writings as I could and devoured them. I recently watched a series called Electric Dreams. Each episode is based (sometimes very loosely) on one of P.K.D.’s stories. It is fantastic! ( I must caution that some episodes contain heavy sexual content.) I just rewatchedan episode called Kill All Others (K.A.O.) I was struck by how key elements in this episode are playing out in life today: 1. The intrusion of media and advertising and media into daily life. In several scenes,

holographic “adverts” appear in the main characters home. As he rides the train to work, he is bombarded by electronic billboards. On the train, everyone is “plugged into” the t.v. in front of them through their wireless earphones. Regarding this I can only say one thing- WHY would I need to watch t,v, while I pump my gas at the gas station? If you’ve seen the pumps with t.v.screens in them, you know what I mean. 2. The attitude toward consumerism and other people. Overall, this episode creates a sense that a lack of empathy toward others is commonplace and that buying, and consuming is the established way to happiness. Our media today is flooded with examples of both phenomena. 3. The Candidate. This is the one that impacted me the most! I won’t say much except that I was chilled at how her political views were simply accepted by the masses. History, as well as modern day, is filled with examples of people being swayed by charismatic leaders to the detriment of themselves or others.

It was number three that inspired me to make art. Vera Farmiga ( @verafarmiga ) does an amazing job as the Candidate. Her expressions and line delivery are chilling. Here are several images of The Candidate.

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